The Marlins’ desire to trade anything not nailed down wasn’t a

The Cardinals’ desire to land an impact bat was no secret. The Marlins’ desire to trade anything not nailed down wasn’t a secret, either. So, yes, this move Ozuna for pitchers Sandy Alcantara, Zac Gallen and Daniel Castano and outfielder Magneuris Sierra makes a lot of sense.

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Prince George’s County, council members began organizing

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Females quickly mate and select good nesting sites

How to Attract Native Bees to Your Organic Garden

canada goose clearance The planet best pollinators are in canada goose outlet washington dc big trouble. Wildflower meadows where native bees once gathered nectar and pollen have turned canada goose outlet online store into shopping malls, and dead trees where these ancient insects nest are getting harder to find. The native bees that do manage to survive are imperiled by Big Ag pesticides unless they can find safe haven in diversified organic gardens. canada goose clearance

canada goose store The Fruits of Their Labor canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Gardeners can reap huge benefits from hosting helpful pollinators, which tend to stay put when given food and a place to live. Native bees including bumblebees, sweat bees, mining bees and others pollinate many crops more efficiently and completely canada goose clothing uk than honeybees do, with strawberries, blueberries and the entire squash family reliant on local pollinators to produce their canada goose outlet los angeles best crops. Tomatoes visited by bumblebees bear bigger fruits, because the big bees buzzing action shakes loose more pollen than wind alone. Strawberries pollinated by multiple types of bees yield fewer misshapen berries, and pumpkins pollinated by native squash bees produce larger pumpkins. Pollinators play a significant role in producing 150 food crops in the United States and, according to the Xerces Society (a nonprofit wildlife conservation group), one in canada goose outlet locations in toronto three mouthfuls of our food and drink requires their canada goose factory outlet work. canadian goose jacket

Bee Activity

For about 70 percent of the 4,000 bee species native to North America, home is a secure spot tunneled into the ground (ground nesters). The other 30 percent nest in dead trees and stems (wood nesters). Almost all native bees live alone, not in colonies. Passive by nature, bees won usually sting unless squashed or pinched.

Young adult bees emerge from their nests at various times during the year, usually in sync with the blooming period of their favorite crops. Females quickly mate and select good nesting sites, which are often within 1,000 feet of desirable flowering plants (see That Attract Bees, later in this article). After making a few short flights to learn their new addresses, ground nesting bees immediately start working to excavate a nest and stock it with eggs. Gathering the necessary pollen, nectar and sometimes mud requires thousands of trips between flowers and the nest. The closer the flowers are to the bees nest, the less energy the bees must expend in flight.

Canada Goose online Bumblebees are the largest native bees, and they also tend to fly canada goose outlet eu the farthest in search of food. Active from spring to fall, they pollinate a wide range of plants and are especially important to legumes. Bumblebees usually nest in the ground or in cavities in trees. Bumblebees are the only native bees that are truly social. Canada Goose online

Mason bees are also called bees because they often appear in fruit orchards in spring. These stout, bristly little bees may be black or metallic blue or green. Mason bees use mud to pack their well provisioned eggs into the hollows of twigs and branches. They frequently accept man made nesting blocks.

Mining bees look like canada goose outlet vancouver slender, miniature honeybees but have long, wasp like wings. Active early in the year, they are canada goose outlet black friday important pollinators of fruit trees. Although mining bees are solitary ground nesters, numerous closely spaced nests may appear in hospitable spots.

Squash canada goose vest outlet bees are the small black and yellow bees found in cucurbit blossoms, including those of cucumbers, summer squash and pumpkins. Male squash bees sometimes sleep inside the blossoms in hopes of encountering a female. These solitary ground nesters do not emerge until early summer.

canada goose Sweat bees are small and often have metallic backs. You spy them pollinating strawberries, blueberries and a wide range of flowers. Different species are active early and late in the year. They prefer to stay within a quarter mile of their nests and they live alone, though several nests may be present in a hospitable location. canada goose

canada goose deals The Bee Sanctuary canada goose deals

Most ground nesting bees are quite small and rely on secrecy to ensure their survival. Their entry holes in bare ground are difficult to spot and closely resemble those made by ants and solitary wasps.

canada goose coats Close observation is the only way to determine whether areas on your property have been inhabited by canada goose outlet near me ground nesting bees. they emerge from their nests as adults, they tend canada goose outlet orlando to start new nests near where they were reared, so preserving the area bees use one year is likely to lead to continuous use of the nesting area, says T Roulston, curator of the State Arboretum of Virginia, where researchers have identified 143 native bee species. best suggestion for maintaining ground nesting bees is to canada goose outlet boston provide areas with substantial bare soil or gaps in vegetation that will not get tilled. Sunny, south facing slopes are preferable, though some ground nesters look for vertical banks. canada goose coats

Bumblebees shelters are usually well hidden and equipped with long entry tunnels. If habitat is in short supply, though, some bumblebees may take up residence too close for comfort (right next to the front door, for instance). Two to three days of intermittent soaking with a hose will usually persuade the bees to move elsewhere.

buy canada goose jacket cheap You can invite bees to your backyard by setting a low wooden frame around a pile of dirt mixed with sand, then topping it off with a couple of rotting logs or old pieces of firewood. Only allow clumping grasses to grow on the mound, and provide a diversity of bee beckoning plants nearby to complete your bee sanctuary. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose sale Make Your Own Bee Nesting Sites Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Some of the best bees for pollinating early blooming fruits are wood nesting mason bees. They nest in canada goose outlet website legit the soft centers of semi hollow twigs (such as those of elderberries and bramble fruits) or in holes made in dead trees by beetles or other small insects. Other wood nesting bees prefer rotting stumps or logs. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance sale If your garden is near open woods that canada goose outlet 2015 include standing dead trees and rotting logs, you may already have a good population of mason bees and other wood nesting species. If there are no dead trees around, you can use fence posts or logs as substitutes. Use a drill to make a number of canada goose outlet winnipeg address deep holes in the south side of a fence post or stump. Because different species prefer different sizes of holes, drill them ranging from 3/32 of an inch (2 millimeters) to 5/16 of an inch (8 millimeters) wide. Drilling at a slight upward angle will keep water from entering the holes. canada goose clearance sale

In Europe, many urban parks include insect hotels, which are free standing structures stocked with habitat for wood nesting bees and other insects. Envision a deep box artfully filled with hollow stems, and logs with holes drilled in them. A simple way to make an insect hotel is to stack several wooden pallets together, and then slip stems and logs with holes drilled in them into the openings.

canada goose coats on sale Which Native Plants Attract Pollinators? canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket Many types of bees emerge at just the right time to gather pollen and nectar from specific crops (from blueberries in spring or from squash in summer, for example). They may only forage for a few weeks, so having different flowers coming into bloom all summer long is buy canada goose uk important. Recent studies have found that many native bees are more attracted to a diversity of plants than they are to large plantings of a single flower crop. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Native bees coevolved with native plants, so growing native plant species will naturally attract local pollinators. Many canada goose factory outlet vancouver vegetables and herbs attract native bees, as do easy to grow annual and perennial flowers, flowering shrubs, and trees (see That Attract Bees, later in this article). Look closely and you likely discover that many plants in your garden are natural magnets for these winged wonders. When you find good bee plants lo and bee hold grow more of them! That the best way to give native bees the help they so desperately need. canada goose outlet Canada Goose Parka

Plants That Attract Bees

These flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits make wonderful additions to a backyard bee sanctuary.

Canada Goose Outlet Annual flowers: bachelor button, cosmos, cuphea, larkspur, poppy, sunflower, zinniaVegetables: artichoke and canada goose outlet ontario cardoon, beans, cucumber, peas, summer and winter squash Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Herbs: basil, borage, catnip, comfrey, coriander, dandelion, dill, fennel, lavender, low growing clover, mint, oregano, rosemary cheap Canada Goose.

Post Falls Police responded to a disturbance call and learned

canada goose black friday sale students tackle social stigma to fight food ins canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap SPOKANE, Wash. A problem within a solution it a phrase so oxymoronic that it almost doesn make sense, but it crystal clear for a specific group of students at Lewis and Clark High School.The solution was, a program at the high school that strives to solve food insecurity for students. The program is run by DECA, an extracurricular program on campus that focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship.It simple: students go to a website, fill out information (including their student ID number and choosing a faculty/staff member to pick up the food from) canada goose sale uk and pick up food weekly.think what canada goose outlet michigan important about the program is the anonymity, Sam Sells, a senior, said.Things got complicated when students and the program advisor, Chantal Czarapata, started noticing bags being left behind in classrooms, hallways and trash cans. One of the students who left canada goose outlet toronto a bag behind canada goose outlet boston said they did it out of embarrassment.After an informal investigation, Czarapata concluded why bags were being left behind: students felt that carrying a bag (which were all plastic grocery bags) was an indication that the student was in the Bite 2 Go program. According to Czarapata and multiple students, this stigma discouraged students from taking food home.”We were noticing them left in the classroom or thrown in the trash, just because the word started spreading that these particular bags were the Bite 2 Go bags, Brooke Rusch, a senior, said.”They might turn down the normal bag because it just makes them feel lesser in a way, when they’re really not. They’re just like all of us, Gabriel Anglin, a senior, said.sad if a child doesn want to take food because of canada goose outlet reviews the bag, but we all know sometimes there is a stigma that not meant to be on purpose, but it just canada goose shop uk there, Czarapata said.Holding a grocery bag was correlated to canada goose outlet nyc being apart of the Bite 2 Go program, according to students and Czarapata. They stood in stark contrast to the bags most students carried with them to hold food or personal belongings.”There’s a lot of students canada goose outlet seattle that I see carry LuluLemon, Rusch said.”Throughout Lewis and Clark, most students carry around LuluLemon and Athleta bags for their canada goose outlet winnipeg lunch, Morgan Armstrong, a junior, said.That canada goose jacket uk when Rusch had an idea: if the bags are discouraging students from taking home the supplies inside, why not get new bags?”We went and called all these local businesses and asked them to donate, Rusch said.Rusch and her friends ended up getting more than 1,300 bags from a variety of local shops, including Lululemon and The North Face.wanted everyone to blend in, so that why we canada goose outlet niagara falls got bags from really popular brands in Spokane, Armstrong said.think it going to get rid of the stigma that they were feeling, Czarapata said.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular canada goose outlet uk sale StoriesMoreMan accused of shooting Post Falls man 6 times says he was taught to ‘shoot until the gun goes click’Man accused of shooting Post Falls man 6 times says he was taught to ‘shoot until the gun canada goose factory outlet vancouver goes canada goose outlet ottawa click’Updated: Friday, October 5 2018 7:02 PM EDT2018 10 05 23:02:48 GMTPOST FALLS, Idaho A man is accused of assault with a firearm and aggravated battery after a shooting in Post Falls Thursday night. Post Falls Police responded to a disturbance call and learned that there was canada goose victoria parka outlet a gunshot and screaming heard. Post Falls Police responded to a disturbance call and learned that there was a gunshot and screaming heard. Clad in a gray jumpsuit and sitting quietly in the holding area, Elizabeth McBride faced a judge almost 24 hours after her alleged road rage incident. According to court documents, she chased down two 12 year olds on bikes in her Chevy Silverado. Clad in a gray jumpsuit and sitting quietly in the official canada goose outlet holding area, Elizabeth McBride faced a judge almost 24 hours after her alleged road canada goose outlet store uk rage incident. According to court documents, she chased canada goose outlet jackets down two 12 year olds on bikes in canada goose outlet her Chevy Silverado. “I go down the alley and she hits me in the alley and then I turn around and ride out and she’s right canada goose outlet belgium there and hits me again and I ran into a parked car,” Jakaiah Thomas said buy canada goose jacket cheap.

And if you don’t pay your taxes

As Britain slept, the wind lifted and dropped chimney stacks, killing people in their beds. It blew fish out of the ponds and onto the banks in London’s St James’s Park, beat birds to the ground and swept farm animals away to their deaths. Oaks collapsed and pieces of timber, iron and lead blasted through the streets.

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Be aware when buying a GX31 that there is a tiller cheap

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But now all their focus shifts to the on I 94 Saturday night

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canada goose black friday sale Never mind that Adams’ accusations were based on hearsay and were full of holes. As canada goose outlet los angeles we’ve repeatedly posted since then, Fox News has obsessed on this case in what I believe is a deliberate attempt to set up the DOJ as Fox News’ next ACORN. Hannity went one better with that strategy: he threw in the DOJ’s recent lawsuit against the State of Arizona, over its immigration law, and the NASA administrator’s outreach to Muslims in order to further the race baiting that seems canada goose outlet in chicago to be going on at Fox 24/7 these days.. canada goose black friday sale

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Turing was a contradictory man

Driving Miss Valentine

canada goose coats Jean Valentine was born in Scotland in 1924. She was an only child, and like many of her contemporaries, she left school early, not considering university, canada goose outlet mall but buzzing with the excitement of all the wartime activity around her. Aged 18 she decided it was time join the war effort. At a recruiting centre in Carnoustie she was asked to sit an intelligence test and to list her interests. Her results and a passion for crosswords led an interview canada goose outlet london uk board to ask her to stand at full height. At just 4’6″ she is scarcely tall. In spite of canada goose outlet black friday this she was told that she was soon to board an express train canada goose outlet sale for London: ‘we don’t know what you are going to be doing but we are told to look out for people like you.’ canada goose coats

That journey marked a new beginning for the inxperienced Scots girl from Perth. She didn’t know it then, but with the help of a special stool that enabled her to reach as high as everyone else she was to work on the famous enigma decoding Bombe machine, specified by Alan Turing within a few weeks of his arrival at Bletchely.

buy canada goose jacket cheap She joined a team of 10,000 at the Government’s code breaking centre at Bletchley Park a place so secret that its vital role in shortening the entire war by perhaps two years did not became apparent until 1975. buy canada goose jacket cheap

At a conference on ‘Turing’s Worlds’ held in Oxford on the 100th anniversary of his birth, canada goose uk site I heard Jean Valentine described her war work with quiet modesty and no little wit.

When she first got to the capital she heard Churchill speak before being sent with four others to Eastcote in Middlesex. canada goose outlet locations in toronto Her superiors were looking for linguists, mathematicians, chess players and crossworders.

Canada Goose sale Jean worked with around 11 others on 8 hour shifts with just one half hour break. Like her colleagues, canada goose jacket uk she canada goose outlet woodbury had no idea what was going on in the nearby huts. When she mixed with people from other huts the conversation was always canada goose outlet las vegas superficial. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale On each of 200 Bombe machines 148 revolving cylinders clicked and whirred their way for 24 hours each day through 158 million million million combinations until a decoded result was ready canada goose parka uk for translation. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka You can hear the apparently bomb like sound of the machine here: Canada Goose Parka

The results of each session were telephoned through to another hut for translation. Only after the war did Jean discover this hut canada goose outlet 80 off was just across the path from the hut where she worked every day.

canada goose store In just a few years at Bletchley, Jean rose to become a leading Wren. As a Bombe trainer she was paid over a pound a week, visiting the factory in Letchworth where the majority of the electro mechanical machines were located and where they were made. Unsurprisingly, morale was low on the production line for the intricate machines. Jean was tasked with raising the spirits of the workers by giving them a canada goose outlet vancouver sense of the importance of what they were doing. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet After several years at Bletchley, Jean Valentine unexpectedly obtained her father’s consent for her despatch to Ceylon for more war work. He gave it in a letter addressed ‘to whom it may concern’. The cramped trip through U boat bobbing seas was canada goose outlet boston exhaustingly long and carefully circuitous. Jean decided she’d never travel by P again. In Ceylon she was to meet her future husband, only marrying this almost complete unknown after receiving another carefully worded ‘to whom it may concern’ letter from her father. Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket With a smattering of Japanese and of their version of Morse code she worked painstakingly, decrypting Japanese weather reports. canadian goose jacket

My role was to drive Jean to the Oxford event. Her sharp mind was immediately apparent, as was her clear headed sense of purpose. Asked recently by the Queen how the vital work at Bletchley was kept secret for so canada goose outlet paypal long, her answer was suitably to the point: ‘discipline!’.

Canada Goose Jackets After the war Jean Valentine enjoyed a rather different career as a psycho sexual counsellor, before retiring to Henley to live in community with luminaries including the famous benefactor Dame Steve Shirley who is said to have given away most of her 150m fortune. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale Jean Valentine is an altogether remarkable woman whom it was a privilege to meet. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance Biographer Andrew Hodges places canada goose outlet vip Turing in the context of the political and sexual world that existed around him. He described how Turing broke boundaries whilst championing the essential role of collective endeavour. Turing was however less than modest in only crediting the US with code breaking ‘donkey work’. Turing was a contradictory man, capable of being both self effacing and arrogant at same time: ‘modern in the sense that he canada goose outlet montreal was morally ambiguous and awkward’. canada goose clearance

Frustratingly for a biographer, Turing was also an unreliable narrator. Towards the very end of his short life he wrote to Norman Routledge, a young gay maths student at Cambridge. The letter described the ‘hard thinking’ of his war canada goose outlet houston work but wrongly said it involved no travel. In fact Turing travelled to Germany, the US and France. This letter was written at a critical moment, soon after his arrest and the removal of GCHQ security clearance. Little wonder perhaps that it canada goose jacket outlet toronto described the work at Bletchley Park as ‘a racket’.

canada goose In the letter Turing commented on his arrest after he had acknowledged having an illegal sexual relationship with a nineteen year old who subsequently broke into his house: canada goose

buy canada goose jacket Turing believes machines think buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose online Turing lies with men Canada Goose online

Therefore machines do not think

Hodges commented that the biographer’s role is simply to let this syllogistic statement stand.

cheap Canada Goose How was he to know what his subject thought? Turing remains a mystery, but his legacy might be summarised as a combination of simplicity, interdisciplinarity and collegiality. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale Like Turing’s relatives, Hodges maintains that Turing did not canada goose outlet take canada goose outlet uk sale his own life by deliberately eating an arsenic poisoned apple, as is usually supposed canada goose coats on sale.