Seeing the Aurora Borealis in person is a strange canada goose

Canada Goose Parka Exploring Norway’s Coast in the Polar Night for our 100th Country Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Last year we travelled canada goose outlet washington dc to one of the places at the canada goose outlet online very top of that list, Antarctica, with Hurtigruten on a 16 day Patagonia and Antarctica Expedition Cruise which took us from the southern fjords of Chile and across the formidable Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula where we swam in icy waters canada goose outlet toronto location and hiked across volcanic islands among huge ‘waddles’ of penguins! This was our first canada goose parka uk ever trip to the more end of the polar regions, and it was so awe inspiring that we immediately knew we wanted more. How fitting then that Arctic Norway should canada goose outlet us also be canada goose outlet in usa my 100th country, marking the end of one phase of our travel life and canada goose outlet paypal the beginning of the next sailing the world! Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets We hadn’t been able to canada goose outlet shop see the mystical Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, in Kirkenes as the canada goose outlet in toronto clouds and snow closed in around us during the night, so we were amazed to be able to see them almost every night during the seven days on board. Almost every night the crew would announce the appearance canada goose outlet edmonton of the Northern Lights canada goose outlet new york around the ship, and despite the below freezing weather passengers filled the canada goose outlet buffalo top deck with cameras and tripods ready. Seeing the Aurora Borealis in person is a strange canada goose outlet legit experience, and nothing quite like you might expect; the constantly shifting veils of green effervescence are fleeting, appearing faintly at times, so you’re unsure if they are there at all, then increasing in intensity to almost a canada goose jacket uk solid sheet and then fading again. There is no pattern, rhyme or reason to it all; you just have to be patient, enjoy them exactly as they are and accept the age old truth that as soon as you decide to retreat inside, they are going to come back in their most exuberant spectacle yet! Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale The snowmobiles are great fun to drive, and up to a point, canada goose outlet boston they pretty much find their way over the already established tracks in the snow, leaving you to deal with the throttle and fully enjoy the sensations of being out in the open in such extreme conditions. About forty five minutes in we stopped at a little tee pee tent in the middle of the snow which glowed with canada goose outlet uk an open fire coming out of it. About twenty of us squeezed in at a time to have a quick warm drink before heading back outside into canada goose parka outlet the snow for the final leg of the journey to meet up with the ship. Canada Goose sale

canada goose Finally, we thought we should treat ourselves to a daytime excursion as well, so we chose the Taste of Vesterlen day trip, which started in the town of Harstad. We arrived at the 750 year old canada goose jacket outlet sale medieval Trodenes Church at about mid morning, which was just in time to see the change from darkness to the small amount of daylight we would have for a few hours during the trip. The interior of the church was beautiful, but the canada goose jacket outlet uk best view was outside of the white building, and its lights canada goose outlet reflected off the rippling waters of Lake Laugen. canada goose

cheap Canada Goose Next to the church is a Museum with all kinds of installations and artifacts illustrating life in the region all the way back to the pre Christian days and the changes that have taken place since then. The open log fire in the center of the entrance hall is the best spot to sit and look at the view of the lake through the full height windows. From the museum we drove through the snow covered countryside of Hinnoya Island, stopping for short walks and photos of the magnificent landscapes peppered with farmhouses cheap Canada Goose.

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