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So many acquaintances both in real life and online insisted I wasn allowed to use the label “vegan” and should instead use “plant based”, in order to communicate that I was just eating that way, and didn actually care about animal welfare. Paraphrasing, but the last sentiment is almost word for word. People get cray about the boundaries of their in group..

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2 percent in the new year, he predicts

Stones are really porous, Dr. Gunter points out, I not sure how it could be cleaned or sterilised between uses. Also takes issue with Shiva claims on Paltrow website that the method improves pelvic muscle tone: want to contract and relax, not have your muscles contract continually, she explains.

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But as I started filming I had a lot of difficulties

The assault and their laughter were indeed at her expense, but for those two boys, it wasn’t about her. On Thursday, Kavanaugh and the Senate Republicans tried to get righteously angry without attacking a very sympathetic and credible accuser. Instead, they revealed that their anger, like that laughter 36 years ago, isn’t even about her.

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Just looking for some insight on both bikes :)

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I stay awake and watch the game

When you think Portugal, you think beautiful sights, stunning beaches, wine and Christiano Ronaldo. Food is not the first thing that springs to mind and that probably because Portuguese food appeals to a very specific type of tastes. Also, most of the dishes have exotic names which are unheard of to a new traveller..

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