Zheng, who spent around 20 years in prison for kidnapping and

What’s more, compared with white juveniles who committed similar crimes, Asian juveniles were more than twice as likely to be tried as adults.Zheng, who spent around 20 years in prison for kidnapping and robbery crimes he committed when he was 16 said that because of the Asian model minority stereotype, the stories and needs of AAPI prisoners often go overlooked. So the course gives Asian inmates a rare forum to delve into their backgrounds and reclaim their heritage along the way.About 40 inmates take part in each nine month ROOTS program, with a significant chunk of the class consisting of Southeast Asian refugees who were juveniles tried as adults and given life sentences.The students look at factors that contributed to their incarceration, including the migration to school to prison to deportation pipeline. They also discuss a range of topics, from the history of the Vietnam War and forced migration to the perpetual foreigner stereotype to the roots of violence and trauma that people in refugee communities often face.One of the most memorable moments was seeing this Southeast Asian lifer term prisoner in tears sharing his family’s journey to escape genocide, to come to this country and the challenges they faced assimilating.”ROOTS co founder Eddy ZhengThere’s a storytelling portion of the course, in which the AAPI inmates reveal their experiences.

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